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My Mediumship readings provide messages of love, support and evidence from your loved ones in spirit.

I am able to connect with your spirits and guides before your reading. By focusing on photos of them you email me beforehand.

Giving the spirits, the opportunity to provide information about their life and insights into yours.

Your loved ones in spirit will want to connect with you. They see you in your life now and they want to help you with problems. Your loved ones and guides in spirit like to give you ideas, to steer you in the right direction. To help you live your best life.

Soul Guidance – Email Reading $49

Are you at crossroads in life? Maybe you are stuck in a rut?

Ask your spirit guides and loved ones who’ve passed away, advice on an important issue. Get a fresh, spirit-led perspective on your challenge. Email me a photo of yourself and a photo of the person in spirit you want to contact and I’ll take it from there.

I will email you all the written messages. Usually 1 typed A4 page.

Keep to one theme, ask three questions.

  1. What activities/hobbies can I do to feel more positive?
  2. Which career paths should I look into?
  3. Can you see positive thing in the year ahead for me?


  1. Should I take the plunge and move out of my neighbourhood?
  2. Is it a good time to buy a pet when I move?
  3. If I decide to move, should my partner Noah move in with me?

1 Hour conversation with spirit & soul guidance.   $129 

Connect with a loved one who has passed away.

Hear messages from them. I pride myself on delivering compassionate, kind, uplifting readings from the heart.

My readings are comforting and healing. Spirit/I will talk with you about challenges you are facing. There will be memories provided from your loved one, only you will know about. Names, places, jobs, personality traits, illness’s they had before they died. Things that happened in your shared history and sometimes details about your life now. The details spirits share with you, is there choice. I merely interpret and communicate them to you. They work hard to connect and provide details for you, it’s a magical thing to experience.


A one hour reading where a parent comes through, may alleviate some grief and resolve issues from your childhood. The knowledge that they are close by often brings peace and closure.

Once you have booked a session, simply email me some photos of yourself and one person you would like to hear from who has passed away. I will connect to the spirit, write down their messages and we will meet or Zoom for the reading. Spirits often join us in the Reading too.

If you live in Melbourne this reading can take place in person.  For anyone outside of Melbourne this will be a Zoom call.

1½ Hour conversation with spirit and soul guidance.  $179

This Reading is especially helpful for people who had a difficult childhood or recent hardship. Usually both Spirit and yourself will have a lot to talk about. We will delve a little deeper into the conversation in this longer reading. We follow the same format as the 1 hour reading, in more detail.

If you live in Melbourne this reading can take place in person.  For anyone outside of Melbourne this will be a Zoom call.

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