Who do you want to reconnect with?

And what question would you ask them?

A reading with Rachel can give you…

the freedom to move forward

  Connect again with someone who’s passed away.


  Relieve some of the guilt and grief associated with a passing.



  Receive peace, healing, advice and closure.

Rachel Corah

How I work as a medium.

I’m a Psychic Medium. I’m lucky to be able to make the connection between here and the spirit world, you and your loved ones who’ve passed away. People we were close to here, are often around us in spirit also.

I can connect you to one of the three people you were closest to. This is how I work; from photos I make the connection. The Spirit tells me about their life and they pass on messages and sometimes advice to you. Parents, Grandparents, Children, Partners, Husbands, Wives, Good friends….They often see you in your day to day life.

They witness your struggles and triumphs and they want to connect with you also.

What People Say

Thanks so much Rachel for your very insightful reading.

I retain an emotional and positive change, and still feel a sense of softness , warmth and lightness.
It is as though I am protected by a soft pink blanket of calmness and peace.

There is also an enduring sense of acceptance, both of myself and others.

You described several images from my past of which you could not possibly have been aware prior to the reading
These included one of my father standing on the running board of his car;
a description of my grandmother wearing her dress and button up shoes and also my sister as a young wife.

Also, you discussed my relationship with an ex-boyfriend and my concern regarding a changing freckle on my leg.

There were also various suggestions regarding more rewarding occupations, interests and pursuits for the future: each of which was relevant and valuable

In all, my experience of your reading is a new objective, creative and more positive direction to experience my future.



I feel at peace with friends that have passed away. Rachel offered very clear guidance and psychic messages that have given me inspiration and clarified situations.

Mrs H


A Very big thank you for connecting me with my Mother.

Everything you said had a significant meaning to it. My Mother mentioned I need to see a Doctor, you were right and this is something I’ve been putting off. I have seen many psychic mediums before, but none were as relatable as your messages were. Thank you for connecting me with her, I hope you continue with your good work. Connecting people with their deceased loved ones   The second person that came through was my paternal Grand Mother. She did used to go to the river side to perform rituals and prayers, which you had told me in the reading. I am amazed that I didn’t tell you anything about it and you could give me so much detailed information about her as she came forward.

Mr Hari


Rachel’s reading enriched my life and put me back in touch with loved ones… Thank you.



I was really wanting to hear from my Dad and an ex-partner who died of cancer. Rachel gave me messages from both of them. it was very moving and emotional. I feel really good afterwards as through cleansed. Somehow just talking and receiving these messages has helped me gain clarity. I felt stuck in a rut and feel like little parts of me have healed. It was nice to tap into parts of my ex and my Dad. I feel clearer somehow. Rachel is really sensitive and wonderful in her approach. I feel really grateful for this experience, especially throughout the covid times. I needed some validation and connection to the spirit world. Thank you so, so much Rachel.


Sandringham, Melbourne.

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